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A cross betweenditch pigand mud cricket.
A dirty nasty slut, short shorts wearing tailgate humper.

A ditch cricket lives in an urban setting but can be found in rural areas, looking for the next bumper humper.

Although not always they are often known to have multiple children with multiple baby daddys.

Will never choose live in the counry or farm setting.
Did you see that man with the cow boy boots walk into her house? One of the kids called him dad, do you think she's a Ditch Cricket ?
by B Silent March 19, 2018
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Female one who dwells around the truck and trailer park hiding in the ditch in the dark licking the chin off her face.
The obscene ways of a truck stop creature comes afar came as I was grabbing hotdogs with my buddy I squealed and she rank told that ditch cricket to kick rocks
by Pastor Michael April 20, 2018
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