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1. The notion that soldiers are so conditioned to kill and die by their country. That doesn't apply so much today where soldiers have the option to enlist and most of them are there to do what is best for their country. It applies, for the most part, to a country's will to have it's soldier be mindless killing machines in uneventful wars that are only taking place becasue said instigating country wants it to.

2. An overlooked song that appears on the album Master of Puttpets by Metallica. In my opinion one of their more complex and technical songs with polictical views that weren;t just jumping on the band wagon of their time 'cough' Greenday 'cough'
1. Our country wants our soldiers to be Disposable Heroes. To go overseas and kill mindlessly while their leaders do not care if they live or die

2. Disposible Heroes is an awesome fuckin song
by sbkfgh123456 December 19, 2006
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An individual that is exploited by ones employer for the use of their many skills and/or knowledge of a particular task at hand, then kicked to the side as if the individual really means nothing to the employer in which he works for.
Gary the only person working in automotive knew he had to fully stock the department for the days business before leaving. Because of Gary's past knowledge of the hardware department he was sent by management to hardware to go help other people stock leaving gary's department to suffer greatly. Upon Gary's return to automotive he asked management for an extra hand to help get automotive caught up, but was then told their was no extra help to give yet still had to have his department in perfect standing before leaving for the day. Gary was wrote up the next business day for not having automotive stocked the day prior to managements satisfaction. The hardware manager was commended by management for how good their particular department looked that day. Gary left the office feeling like a disposable-hero.
by NYLouie516 February 19, 2007
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