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Same as disney dad but for mothers of children.
At mom's house the child eats sweets and stays up late. She is a disney mom.
by Big scary bear January 05, 2016
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The mom that looks down on other moms for her parenting - usually cloth diapers, breastfeeds, feeds their child non GMO food, refuses to do cry it out or use baby gates. Thinks telling their kids no is abuse. Believes any other parent who doesn't do these things is the devil incarnate.
Destiney is such a disney mom, she went off on me for giving my 2 year old a lunchable yesterday.
by Tackettttt October 31, 2017
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A Disney Mom is an awesome Mom who works hard to plan a fun, great trip to Disneyland or Disney World for her kids. She's also the person who scrimps and saves and works extra hours so that she can give her kids a trip filled with happy memories that they'll always remember.
Wow, you are a total Disney Mom! You have worked so hard to plan a fun trip to Disneyland for your family. Your kids are very lucky!
by WhatACorker March 10, 2016
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