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A lesbian relationship where they have both met their 'fairy princesses and will live happily ever after'. Days are spent dancing around together, picking flowers in sunshine filled meadows with birds singing and little bunnies at their feet.

They refuse to believe that the world is not really like that and continue with their smug, vomit-inducing behaviour
Amy and Molly were always singing and smiling and holding hands wherever they went. Totally earning the tag 'disney lesbians'
by unico2525 August 14, 2011
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Any girl older than twelve who is obsessed with Disney apparel, Disney cartoons, Disney movies, and Disney shows. These girls usually have a Disney princess or a girly cartoon character as their IM avatars or profile pictures

*Not limited to Dora the Explorer, Hanna Montana, iCarly, Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Lizzie McGuire, Ned's Declassified, or Zack and Cody (not to be confused with Zack and Miri)

NOTE: If this definition applies to a guy, then the guy is either on crack, heroin, or meth. Or plainly he is just gay.
Dude 1: I was searching for Kelly on Myspace, cuz damn, she's so hot and I wanted to see her pics.

Dude 2: Ugh... Why does she have Tinkerbell as her profile pic? She's almost twenty.

Dude 1: What a disney lesbian!
by 89mch September 18, 2010
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