A channel with very low-budget, unfunny shows that are somehow popular. All the special effects in Disney Channel are terrible, the sets are so fake you can see the glue holding it together, and the lighting is about as good as it is on Saturday Night Live. Most shows have one main character, and that one character sings the theme song, and is female 99.9% of the time. When one of the actors/actresses is out doing some other movie, they try to cover it as cheaply as possible. For example, on Wizards of Waverly Place, when Jennifer Stone was filming Harriet the Spy, they said that her character was on an extended vacation to the Bahamas or something. The jokes are lame and overused, and have laugh tracks following them that void whatever faint trace of humor there was to begin with. Most of the characters are high school age, and yet never curse, say perverted things, or even do anything that would be almost inappropriate for a six-year-old. Which is kind of pointless, because in today, an average child ten and under has seen like at least 10 R rated movies, so they've already seen that stuff and it wouldn't hurt to see it again. Yet, despite all these flaws, Disney Channel shows are extremely addictive to watch and you'll find yourself TiVo-ing every last one, and eagerly awaiting the time each week when a new episode comes out.
"Suite Life is, like, my favorite show.

I blame brainwash"

"The Disney Channel is soooo lame.
But I can't stop watching it..."
by hashahahhaheshm October 26, 2010
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The worst channel on Television. They're always showing stupid sluts perform their shitty songs. Hannah Montana is one of them. The channel shows gay shows like Lilo and Stitch, That's So Raven!, Lizzie Mcguire, and wannabe japanese anime.
That's so Raven on the Disney channel should be called That's So Fucking Gay.
by Wasabimoto March 27, 2007
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The WORST channel on tv.They use the same plot over and over again and use the same actors and actresses in every show/movie.People who "likes"the programming on this channel that shall remain unnamed,are usually girls and are 7-15 years old.
AnnoyingDisneyfan1:OMG DId U SeE tHat nEW episode of ZaCk aNd CODY On DiSnEy ChAnNel?
Annoyingdisneyfan2:YeAh It WaS SO FuNnY!!!!!
me:Watch real stuff on tv.
by Sonicfan888 December 28, 2008
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The go-to place for little rich girls who want to be famous, and in-the-closet pre-pubescent boys that are trying to convince people that they are straight. These children are usually featured in Children's TV Shows for about five years, and then have suddenly turned into either extreme sluts, or junkies (occasionally both!). About a year after that, these poor lost souls have had horrible publicity and/or suicidal thoughts. This is the ongoing cycle of the Disney Channel (a.k.a. the passageway to hell). The ending result is a 20-25 year old with fake hair, unhealthy weight, and ongoing hate from the social media and Shane Dawson.
Late 90's kid: I miss Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, and Demi Lovato. What happened to them?

21st Century Kid: Have you been living under a rock? Miley Cyrus has a horrible haircut and is married to Liam Hemsworth, The Jo-Bros are all broke and married with only one song out (Pom Poms) which is only about girl's asses, and Demi Lovato has been in rehab for cutting. Seriously, how could you have missed all of this?

Late 90's Kid: C'mon, all Disney Channel stars can't be THAT bad. What about Vanessa Hudgens?

21st Century Kid: Got kicked off of Disney Channel for posting naked pictures online, and had sex with James Franco in Spring Breakers.

Late 90's Kid: So I guess that the Disney Channel really IS just a workshop where good kids go bad and bratty kids are glorified.
by The One Who Knows All April 16, 2013
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A channel for kids that consists of talentless actors and actresses making bad jokes and bursting into song, all while learning some sort of valuable lesson. Everyone watches it at some point, but nobody admits it.
The people who write definitions on Urban Dictionary for "Disney Channel" obviously watch it, they just don't want to admit it.
by somepersonsomewhere June 13, 2010
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1. What used to be a great channel, with shows like Kim Possible, House of Mouse, Recess, and Doug. It wasn't long until these shows ended up getting shit-cancelled and now we're stuck with mind-numbing crap such as Austin & Allie, Dog With a Blog, and A.N.T. Farm.

2. The only two good shows nowadays on Disney Channel are Gravity Falls and Wander over Yonder, which both ended up getting ass-hauled to Disney XD, something I don't have and don't care to waste my money on. Let's see how long it'll take before Disney Channel screws themselves up even more.
Some random friend: Hey, have you seen that new Disney show Wander over Yonder?

Me: Yeah, it's one of my favorites shows on Disney Channel along with Gravity Falls. Problem is both of those shows got moved to Disney XD, a channel which I don't have.

Why must everyone at Disney be such a douchebag?
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