The cheesy, sweaty and smelly attributes a women's vagina has after a big night of drinking and dancing.
mate 1: So did you end up sleeping with that blonde chick last night?

mate 2: Yeah but she a mad case of disco pussy!! I couldnt wait to get away from that stench!
by supastarstatus July 23, 2011
The smell a women's vagina has after a big night out clubbing
Yeah but she had a mean case of disco pussy
by odourless_kitty June 4, 2011
This is a phenomenon where a woman wearing white,summer weight shorts or pants carries a certain brand of cell phone that displays blinking, multi-colored lights,when ringing,in a front pocket (next to her minge). When receiving an incoming call,her camel-toe area lights up like a carnival ride. It is very funny and freaky to observe.(especially in a grocery store)
The first time I saw a disco pussy,I thought the lady was either a robot or a alien.
by wolfbait51 April 1, 2011
Remember back in the '70s, when American cars were 500 feet long, the Internet was DARPAnet, a pixel was two inches wide, and porn flicks had plots, were shot on film, and shown in theaters? Well, back then, no right-thinking lady would ever -think- to take a razor to her nether-regions. Disco Pussy is that great big, full, thick, untouched, unaltered, beautiful bush of pubic hair on the female genitalia whose popularity in fashion experienced its peak (and subsequent decline) right along with Studio 54.

Disco Pussy is pussy the way God himself intended it to look. It's a pussy that, upon first sight, makes "Saturday Night Fever" by the Bee Gees instantly start to play in your head.

Nowadays, a Disco Pussy is harder to find than an honest politician.
I got that girl home last night, and what a treat! She had a Disco Pussy the size of a '73 El Dorado! Man, that pussy that had never even seen a -picture- of a razor, dig?
by Corsair2 II September 21, 2010
The throbbing sensation you get in your cha-cha when you think about the paint-melting sex you had.
J and I got down rough and nasty last night. I thought about it today and got a pussy disco going in my panties!
by prettykitty1 December 16, 2019