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a. the smell of a mans genitalia after a day of sport, night of raving.

reminiscent to the odour of billings gate fish market on a warm summers evening, disco penis can be best described, in the words of the late dr brett mckeekle, as "a catastrophic stench, akin to that of hot garbage, or a rotting corpse"

b. the small and shriveled state of a mans goods after a night on some good amphetamine. otherwise known as "pilly willy"

a. "Jasper was put off banging Gats because of the horrendous stench from his disco penis"

"Louis was good in the sack" said bobby, "but horrendous case of disco penis, it smelt like big foots dick"

b. Sindbad seems to always suffer from severe pilly willy
by Ballsackhre March 18, 2010
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a penis which is stuck in the era of disco common syptoms are

*penis is constantly whistling abba tunes

*you find a disco ball up your ass

*your penis will dress in white
"hey my penis has the fever-the boogie fever!"

"man have i got a bad case of disco penis or what all ive been hearing all day is abba tunes"
by Swift December 13, 2003
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