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To preform this incredible sex act it takes a man and a women. For this to work properly the man needs to be on top of a woman with her facing up, both partners should have their feet pointing towards the head or side of the bed. Once you are having vaginal intercourse and you are close to ejaculation you quickly cram both of your testicles into the women's anus. Then right before you finish you pull out and shoot her in the eyes with your man juice hopefully blinding the woman. You then proceed to waddle forward while dragging your shit covered nuts across her whole body creating a nice slimy trail. When your nuts have reached her chest she will most likely have recovered a little from the money shot you nailed her with and she will probably start to sit up at which point you smack your poopie nut sack into her face like two wrecking balls. If she is still lying there with her head down you simply tea bag her right in the face. You then proceed on your merry way. It takes a man with a somewhat stretchy nut sack to preform this dirty deed.
Pat "What's wrong with Sierra today?"
Codi "Oh Ian gave her the Dirty Woodhouse last night."
by Woodhouse21 November 12, 2014
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