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The act of defecating into the cotton candy cone and spinning a glorious fluffy cloud of sugar hiding the brown scourge from prying eyes. Then you seduce your best friends wife while watching Phil Collins' masterwork, the last unicorn. During fellatio you begin the act by violently cumming a potentially lethal amount of sperm into her eyes, nose, and mouth. Just before she starts to whinny and buck about you slam the cone of death onto her forehead and scream THUNDER CATS HOOOOEEEE!! All of this is set to in the air tonight and the head slams happens during the drum roll.
Dude I totally gave Jamie a dirty unicorn last night, and now she loves Phil Collins! Did I make a mistake?
by The handler December 09, 2014
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Two girls, tracing a penis with their tongues in a sprial effect as if to resemble the indentions of a swirlling unicorn horn.
I had a magical experience last night, Brittany and Molly went down on me with the dirty unicorn.
by CHRISTINADDFE November 10, 2007
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When you put a strap-on on your head and fuck your partner in the ass.
Bruh, I dirty unicorned this chick so hard last night I will be washing turds out of my hair for a week.
by Dirty Pony September 16, 2017
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Considered foreplay, one straps a dildo onto their face or forehead, then proceeds to furiously thrash their head in a up/down motion in their partners nether regions.
While getting frisky with Hermione, Ron put the strap-on onto his face and gave her the Dirty Unicorn !
by The Crackens ass August 18, 2016
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