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It is a hot summer day, im bored all alone so i decied to go to the beach. I put on my bath suite and get to the beach. There is many people and im happy to see many pretty girls are out there wearing nice bikinis. I take a look around and sit down on the beach. Then i see aa girl. Shes alone, walking with suncream bottle in her hand. She his very pretty, she got dark hair, big boobs nearly popping out of her small top that only cover her nipples. The bottom is a small G-string only covering her pussy. I step up and fallow that girl, totally hypnotyse by her beauty. That girl happens to be you. You see me fallowing you but dont recongnize me either. You smile at me and continu wlaking, going to a part of the beach that is completly free from anybody. You turn around and ask me if i can cream you. I smile and agree. I start to cream your back. Massaging more then creaming. You strat to moan. I do your arms. Im going to your nekc but your top cord is on my way so i untie it. For my suprise, you completly take it of. I finish your neck but you turn around and tell me 'now do the front' I smile and start by your shoulder and continou on your stomacht all the way down your hips not cover by the string. I then get on my knees to do your legs and thighs. I even take the chance to cream your ass. I step up ready to give you back the cream but you tell me 'you forgot something' your finger pointing your boobs. I blush, you smile and put my hands on your boobs. I start to massage them carfully not covering your tits wich you ask why i didnt do them. I tell you 'thats why' and i start sucking it. You grab my head and push it on your breast. I gently bite your nipple. You then let me go and french kiss me. Then you tell me 'i guess you are jalous' 'yes' i anserd. So you start creaming my body, not wasting time and not shy to let your boobs touch my body. Then after doing the legs you pulldown my shorts. You smile at me and grab my ass massaging it. You get up, take your string of and go doggy. ' lick my butt' you say. I get on my knees blushing and put my head between your legs spreading your ass apartwith my hands. I kiss your butt and start to lick. You moan a bit, grab my hair and center it. 'lick you ordered' I get my tounge out and touch that wounderfull butt hole you got. The taste is wounderfull so i start licking faster and harder. Trying to get my tounge inside wich i finnally do. Tasting your ass is like magic and make cock cock real hard. ' finger it you say while you force my head down to your crotch. The smeel gets me dissy, i lick off the juice dripping between your thighs before licking you pussy lips. I get my index in your ass. You moan very load now. one of you hand is grabbing your boobs and the other his streaching your vagina so i can lick deeper and have your real taste wich is wounderful. Thats when two guys appears on the beach. They saw us, and are still looking wich gave you an orgasm. you smile at them and wave to them so they get closer. You lay on your back and ask me to fuck your pussy. Im pretty shy...not moving so you grab me and bring my cock to your vagina. I push in...thetwo guys are right next to us looking at us fuck. I begin to fuck faster getting turned on even more by the situation. The guys go naked at start to masterbate. I cum in your vagina get out, force you to get back doggy and stretch your ass to fit my cock inside. You scream... excited like you never been. You rub your clit, filling my cock drippng out your vagina coveriing your finger so that you can get your entire hand inside your pussy and fell my cock fucking your ass. My cock explosed cum inside your ass and you got your second orgasm. you sit down facing me and start to likc me clean. You continue sucking my cock so that the guys see me blowing a third load...the biggest one on your boobs face and in your mouth. The two guys cum in the sand. get dressed and leave. We kiss dress yup and I go back to the beach while you get back to your house because you got what you wanted.
im so hard writing this dirty story example right now
by horny guy 99 January 11, 2009
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