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A local Pittsburgh favorite, born on many a late nights within the taverns of Squirrel Hill in the East End of Pittsburgh and enjoyed by the local elite, servants of the public trust, and anyone in between. Equally appropriate as a post-dinner digestif or on later stops of an all-night bar crawl, the base of this unique cocktail is a low-end to mediocre gin, such as Gordon’s or Seagram’s, poured into a highball glass over ice. Then balance out to just shy of the rim with Sprite to enliven the gin and tingle the taste buds. Finally, top off with a splash of cranberry, slightly tainting the hue of the beverage and adding a subtle layer of complexity for silky smooth drinkability
Bartender: “Can I get you a drink?”
Patron: “Sure, I’ll take a Dirty Singer.”
Bartender: “What the fuck is that?”
Patron: “Gin and Sprite with a splash of cranberry.”
Bartender: “Why the hell didn’t you just say so to begin with? That’ll be $9.25.”
by TheShadowMan December 25, 2017
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