The act of engaging in the doggy style position then fingering the female's anus while in that position and smearing a residue of her own shit accross her upper lip forming a mustache.
*Dan walks up to Mark*

Dan: Hey Mark, you remember that crazy guy on the bus that was masturbating?

Mark: Yeah man, it was fucking sick.

Dan: Yeah, well you wanna know what his name was?

Mark: What?

Dan: Sanchez!

*Dan smears shit over Mark's upper lip, leaving a shit moustache (a dirty sanchez)*
by blahhomies January 10, 2007
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On the next Dirty Sanchez...

Pancho gets liposuction in his ass. They put the excess fat in a jar and Dan drinks it.
by Christian Felts March 02, 2008
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a show on MTV that is similar to jackass but done by poms who do worse and sicker stunts
guy1: hey a whatched jackass 2 the other night it almost made me puke
guy2: whatch an episode of dirty sanchez and then talk to me
by btf'07' December 22, 2007
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when you fuck a chick and then stick your thumb up her ass and smear the shit on someone's upper lip either yours or hers
guy one: i gave that bitch a dirty sanchez last night
guy two: who wore the shit
guy one: her this time
by drewbe September 26, 2006
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A Dirty Sanchez is a Sexual act that is usually performed by White people typically Trailer trash. It is when a couple of the same or opposite sex engage in anal sex and the one who is giving it to the other in the ass will either take either his shit covered Dick or finger and make a shit mustache then calling it a dirty Sanchez because from a Caucasian point of view it might resemble a thin wispy Hispanic mustache.
Chad and Lance were butt fucking each other all night long. Chad enjoys the smell of shit so he asked Lance if he can please give him a Dirty Sanchez.
by superbherb July 20, 2006
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