A dirty sanchez is where you stick your thumb up someone’s butt crack and then smear their own faeces on top of their lips to make a moustache
Bro, Kyle just gave me the coolest Dirty Sanchez
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by JohnThiccTheBeanLord June 13, 2019
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A Dirty Sanchez is performed when a male fingers a female's ass and wipes the remnants on the female's upper lip.
Wait sniffed his finger after the Dirty Sanchez, it smelt strange.
by Duane Allen November 29, 2020
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When in doggy style slip your finger in her ass and then reach around and wipe your finger on her upper lip and then hang on
Finger in?) ass doggy-style dirty Sancheze
by freaky-b November 21, 2013
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When a man and a women engage in anal sex and the man pulls out his dirty brown crayon and draws the women a ‘poostatch’.
I gave the girl I met at San Chez tapas in GR, a Dirty Sanchez and she licked it off.
by Numman March 08, 2019
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