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Dirty Bass is a distorted Bass sound, not that the Bass itself is dirty but you get a feeling of uncleansliness listening to it. Also referred to as Filthy Bass, it's a feeling you also perceive and no doubt asscociate with euphoria. That shit drops and it blast you backwards over your damn chair into the corner covered in audio filth like 'AWWW YEAH!". It's the reverb that makes audio virgins bite the pillow. You know what I'm saying? After listening to enough of it you realize what is a filthy drop just by recognition, at first your all like "I dunno, I guess this is dirty?" but give it a while and your all like "OH SHIT! Thats filthier than a resteraunt toilet seat! PUMP THAT SHIT UPPP!"
Bassnectar - Boombox (And the Datsik Remix)
Woo Boost - Rusko
Chains Hang Low - Jibbs (AFK and Crizzly remix)
Firepower, Too Late, Cold Blooded - Datsik
Theres lots of other ones these are just examples that come to mind. Theres lots of Dirty Bass out there.
by Audiovirginnomore September 18, 2013
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