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Dirt ravers are a subset of hippie culture that pulls elements of late-90s rave culture. Dirt ravers identify with dubstep music and comprise the bulk of dubstep music fans. They have all the characteristics of typical hippies but carry the accessories of ravers such as glow sticks, glitter, neon-hair dye, fuzzy clothes, candy suckers etc.

Unlike traditional jam band hippies, dirt ravers prefer designer pharmaceuticals such as MDMA over traditional staples such as pot and booze.
He just bought some cheap molly from the dirt raver with plastic flowers in his dreads.

All Good Festival was amazing this year, 1000s of dirt ravers got down for 12 hours straight.

At the Lotus show some dirt raver spilled glitter on my Phish shirt, but it's cool I traded it later.
by downtownlarrytown February 11, 2011
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