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When you have loose bowels. Diarrhea. You know, when your rear is in a dire situation.
That curry gave me dire rear!
by Poodlechimp June 05, 2009
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When your #2s is dire and you can’t spell diarea - diarheo - dia… when you can spell direrear just fine.
Direrear is a better word than diarrhoea because it’s easier to spell, still sounds the same, and evokes exactly what is happening to you.
by Pineapple Hwy July 25, 2018
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experiencing gas, bloating, cramps, and explosive diarrhea, usually caused by strange or unusual foods
The seafood stew was rich and tasty at the time, but was probably the cause of the dire rear later that night.
by whopado February 07, 2012
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