Italian people use to say dio porco when they are particular angry!
Dio porco is similar to: dio cane, dio boia, dio merda, dio mirtillo, dio scacciacani e dio sparamerda
Dio porco lamer di merda!

Dio porco testa di cazzo!
by Greedo October 3, 2004
An Italian insult, calling God a pig.
See porco dio, for it is used more regularly, and has a better flow
ma, dio porco, Lei capisce?
by willgaspari September 15, 2005
Don't say that two's like cursing off God and it's real offensive for the christian people.
people use to say that when they got really angry..
by Chiara February 3, 2005
The most powerful italian imprecation, to call God as a Pig. It's an expression increasingly used in Italy.

Anyway it's the most used in Italy, and it's one of the main words that a foreigner learns when he comes in Italy, together with "ciao", "arrivederci", "caffè"...
There are many reasons to use it:
- a pain after an hurt ("porcoddio che male! - porco dio what a pain!");
- an exclamation of surprise ("porcoddio che spettacolo! - porco dio what a show!");
- an exclamation when you are doing a job that doesn't works ("eee porcoddio guarda se sto cazzo de chiodo entra ner muro! - eee porco dio look if this shit of nail goes in the wall!").
by erventresca August 31, 2012
A real common italian interjection, it literally means "God is a pig".

Mostly used in northern Italy, but known and understood everywhere.
Due to its blasphemic nature, it may be disturbing for some people hearing this, especially Christians. It's not advisable to insert a "porco dio" into a sentence if you don't know well the person who you're talking at.
It has various forms and variations, like "orcoddio", "dio porco", "dio maiale" ecc... and every form is also customizable on your personal preference ("Porco dio bastardo cane e la madonna puttana" is a way stronger and powerful exclamation)
It's an all-round imprecation, usable in almost every sentence you can think about:
1) Expressing annoyance - "Ma porco dio la smetti di scassare i coglioni?" ("Porco dio can you please stop trying to smash my testicles?")
2) Expressing surprise - "Luca porco dio guarda quella che tette!" ("Porco dio Luca did you see that booby girl?")
3) Expressing pain - "Aaaaah! Porco dio che male!" - ("Aaaaah! Porco dio it hurts!")
4) Nothing at all, put into a normal sentence just to let the people around you know who's the real alpha male - "Ciao Enrico come stai, porco dio?" - ("What's up Enrico, porco dio?")
by Ravenholm July 25, 2015
An italian insult, calling God a pig
porco dio, che caldo!
by willgaspari September 15, 2005
"porco dio" is an Italian expression which literally means "god is a pig", or "pork god". It is widely used in Italy, although badly seen from very strict catholic people. Most people say it when they're alone or with somebody they know (dare saying porco dio when you're with somebody you don't know at all!).Other forms that mean the same thing are: orcoddio, orco dio and dio porco. It can also be mixed up with other words that are usually insult to other people or also other swearings (see example b for usage), although these forms are rarely used and usally it's because something really bad happened. It usually expresses anger/frustration, although it has become very popular and therefore it's pretty overused nowadays.
a) "Dio porco la prof di merda mi ha dato di nuovo un cinque, orcoddio!"
("For fuck's sake, that fucking teacher gave me a shit mark in the test again, goddamit!")

b) "Aaaah! Dio porco schifoso bastardo!" (pain)
("Aaaah! Fucking hell what a pain!")

c) "Porco dio saranno mica i testimoni di Geova? No eh diocan digli che i signori sono fuori, non ho tempo per stargli dietro."
("Fuck, they can't be Jehovah's witnesses, can they? Tell them we're out, we don't have time for their shit.")

d) "Vittorio porco dio ma da quant'è che sei in ritardo?"
("Goddamit Vittorio, we've been waiting for you here for almost one hour!")
by DahHowl March 30, 2015