A neeky person who is overly-fascinated by the sciences and spends more time with their calculator than on facebook. Rather than being embarrassed by their enthusiasm, a "dinosaur" is proud and they often distinguish themselves to others of their species by performing a "dinosaur dance" with their hands shaped as claws, often in public places.

Notable dinsoaurs would include Ross Geller of Friends and distinguished engineer Catriona McGill.
"ahhhh mate your such a dinosaur"
"Gosh, catriona is such a dinosaur shes whipping out the claws, trying to attract some scientists!!"
by madlibs88 April 27, 2010
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giant deformed lizards that died when a comet blew up planet earth one. presently in planet earth two the experts believe these dinosaurs all went to hell because they were never baptized and they also ate eachother. a large ratio of these demon lizards also had horns and/ or wings which some believe were now related to the giant horned bat. some dinosaurs that lived in water blew up to.
Tyranosaurus rex- known to be related to lenny from of mice and men hes the really stupid big one that everything.

Brontasaurus- known as the "freaks" of dinosaur culture due to their long "necks" which were connected to their "heads"

Terodactyl- most difficult dinosaur to spell out. coolest dinosaur as well as well as the ugliest.
by Mr. Biig Brain Archebold February 27, 2010
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Prehistoric animals that became extinct for god knows what reason...WARNING: any boy who played with dinosaurs as a kid is certain to be a wanker...serious check it out!
be weary of those kids who liked dinosaurs.
by Maddy-grace November 10, 2007
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A.K.A a very old scooter with green wheels that you can hear coming from far away because of its loud squeaking.
A:There comes that chick riding that old dinosaur
B:Where i dont see any one?
A: I can hear them coming!
by nillajenn-jenn July 20, 2009
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the new thing for all the 'scene' kids to like. ohh great, jeez, they take everything- sweatbands (used to be for runners y'know who do exercise and get sweaty!), geek glasses (used to be for people with bad eyesight, now a pisstake). Now the dinosaurs. oh christ.
scene kid 1: oh em gee! aren't dinosaurs like... totally the cutest!! raaawrr! XD
scene kid 2: oh yeah! raawwr im a dinosaur!! x

scene kid: arent dinosaurs the best!! rawwr :P
non-scene kid: *under breath* oh god not the dinosaurs what next? *normal voice* yeah.. no shit sherlock
by gutentag:) May 03, 2010
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A Teenage Couple Who Are Madly In Love and Are Gonna Be Together Forever and Even Though They Go Through Alot And It May Seem Like At Times They Are Not Gonna Last They Find Away To Prevail Through It.
Girl:Hey baby i just wanted To Say i love you jellybean.!
Guy:I Love You more .!Im So Happy Were"Dinosaurs".
by Sazuke Rice April 30, 2010
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The origianl name of a great rock band
who decided to change it to Dinosaur Jr.
by die-nough-soar June 26, 2003
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