a now extinct creature that had once walked the planet. scientists have theorys of how they became extinct.

emo//scene kids usually like this animal && call it a "dino".
they will use it as a name on their myspace or screen name.
they will have cartoon pictures of dinosaurs on their myspace also.

personally, its my favorite animal, along with the giraffe. :
tyranosaurus rex
stego saurus

an emo//scene kid may combine a type of dino saur and "rex"
e.g. brontosaurus rex;; stegosaurus rex;; etc.
by RAWRR its Erikkka May 07, 2006
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Extinct creature that used to terrorize the prehistoric land, and now terrorize the hearts of modern people.
The ride became more frightening with the appearance of the dinosaur.
by the mummy October 31, 2009
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The dinosaurs could have died out from a meteor or an ice age. but the real reason they died out was from having to much oral sex. this period of time was called the felacious period. dinosaurs would engage in oral sex at every oppurtune moment, instead of having regular sex to continue the population. it wasnt all in the same species sometimes the larger dinosaurs would be plaesured by the smaller ones in what was known as 'interacial hardcore midget gangbangs'. This theory is supported by all the dinosaur skelotons that have been found in the 69 position and also why there are no dinosaurs left today. the mating call most commonly used by dinosaurs was "do you want a blow job?" the reply to this was normally "yes, you bitch"
tyranosauros with a diplodocous (thunder lizard) engaging in oral sex, tricerotops asks "can i join to?" orgy insues, dinosaur orgy that is
by Jon2 September 07, 2006
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A person who has been employed for a long time by a corporation, university, or organization. Generally used disparagingly by younger persons who regard this person as a general obstacle to progress, or one to their own personal advancement. The expression implies obsolescence on the part of the person so described, whether factually or not.
The English Department was filled with dinosaurs who were on the faculty for more than thirty years. They should set a maximum limit on the number of years a person may be on the faculty!
by Duckbutt November 19, 2006
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A very old fashion, outdated , relic from the past thinking.
You are still using that old dinosaur phone?!!!
by Ketam August 05, 2009
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A species that no longer exists due to Chuck Norris sneezing.
When Chuck Norris sneezed, the dinosaurs died and the Ice Age started.
by Holden Kemper July 05, 2009
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