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Having sex so loud that it sounds like dinosaurs screeching while giving birth.
"Did you hear Mitch having dinosaur sex in the room next door? I couldn't sleep all night!"
by mmdestroyer May 08, 2018
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When people mount on each other to have sex,just like dinosaurs.
Justin:Did you see angelina having dinosaur sex with bob?!?!
Deandre:wow!Why would angelina fuck a {fuck boy} like him?
Justin:I think he {low sweep}ed her!!!
Deandre:that explains alot!!!!!!!
by mwiz March 02, 2015
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Having sex that is extremely loud with screaming, as if dinosaurs are roaring or fighting
A: Did you hear jill have dinosaur sex last night across the hallway?
B: Is that what that sound was? I thought there was an earthquake!
by mmdestroyer May 19, 2018
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