10 Dollars worth of pot.
One Gram= $10
In some cases, if on good terms with the dealer, you may receive a few extra "points."
Example- 1.2 or 1.3, sometimes even 1.5, rather than 1.0

Dude: "Sup man, you got a dimebag on hand you can slang to me?"

Dealer: "Yeah no problem, 10 bucks."

Dude: "Alright thanks man..have a good one, peace."
by Andrew Ayres September 02, 2007
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The most amazing Fu*&ing guitar player ever to grace the Heavy metal stage.
Dimebag was The kindest man in metal, and the man with a heart the SIZE OF TEXAS!
Taken from us on 12/8, but given back in spirit EVERY DAY!!!
See "The Great Sothern Trendkill" "Coyboys From Hell" "Vulgar Display Of Power" "Far Beyond Driven" "New Found Power" And Much, Much, Much More!
Dime bag didnt play the guitar, he played his soul
by Kris Marano June 23, 2006
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A cheap douchebag. A person who relies on simplistic, usually obvious tricks to inconvenience others, or someone who's really upfront about being a jerk.

This term is mostly used in the area of Birmingham, UK but has recently started making the way to other places.

Not to be confused with Dimebag Darrell, an American guitarist and songwriter.
Frank tried to convince me to buy him lunch without even pretending he's gonna pay me back. I wouldn't mind normally, but this is the third time this month! What a dimebag!
by Uncanny Days December 01, 2016
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best fucking virtuoso guitarist ever(next to maybe tony iommi). any cum drinking mama fucker who talks shit on him will have their children eaten by the dark lord himself. and i'll eat yer wife and yer dog and yer grandma fucking disrespectful ass goblin mother fuckers i'll make you eat out yer aunt! bitches! RIP dimebag!!!!!!!
dude look at dimebag shred on his dean from hell
by posserkiller June 17, 2005
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Dime bag,
A bag to hold a small quantity of loose items. This term, and the related one nickle bag, both most likely are linked to stores that called themselves Five and Dime Stores. Woolworth's the chain that founded this concept, used to sell items frequently for a nickle or a dime and most stores had a candy counter. The candy counter was stocked with candy in bulk bins and it was purchased in small bags and customers either requested a nickle bag or a dime bag.
I will take a dime bag worth of mints.
by pbmaise October 13, 2011
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A usually transparent bag that allows the containment and view of American Dimes in it.
Don't swing your Dimebag like that Jeffery, you might hit someone!
by Julius D Maly December 08, 2008
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