A girl who is a ten out of ten
See that girl right there, yeah sienna? She's a dime.
by 4dayouth2 October 20, 2009
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dimes r mami's dat iz madd rite everything on deez chicks body is right. So dimes are chick dat r a perfect 10 which dey get da name dimes.
Yo dem chicks look rite , nice ass, cute face, rite body, damn all dem chicks iz dimes
by Billionaire Boy Club July 15, 2006
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$10 worth of the best chronic in Toronto/Thornhill. Yeah thats $10 CANADIAN for a .8 to a gram. You ppl in the states pay wayy to much.

A nice assist thrown in the game of basketball.
Yo man, is that chronic? Toss me a dime of that shit.

Jalen Rose has been tossin dimes all night long
by YZ January 23, 2004
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Dick In My Ear.
Being a nuisance, an obnoxious or annoying person
You are annoying, you're being a dime, so stfu.
by Nymul January 16, 2008
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a slang word for an attractive female that black people haven't used since 1998.
stupid honkey bob: Hey buddy, shaquiesha's a dime!

Intelligent Proud Black Male: Shut up cracka! You can't have black girls cause I said so, and they don't want your small dick anyways.
by IPBM September 22, 2005
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The thing you say when you want to get Landon’s attention
*landons head turns and he smiles*
by Fragileharp December 13, 2018
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$10 bag of weed. usually bad quality weed. If its good, it'll cost more.
A dawg, hit me up with a dime bag.
by JizzyB. December 21, 2005
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