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In human terms, a dike is a long narrow hole dug into to divert water. In lesbionic terms, when a lesbian, especially a Bulldyke, has another person (drink the water), or in laywoman's terms, charms another to let her dig into that hole... and flick that bean in the process of course.
In the hot sun, two prisoners in orange jumpsuits dig a trench. BEANIE: "Gosh it's so hot. I'm sweaty and wet all over." BULLDYKE: "Wet is good. Even better when we get into that long narrow hole ." BEANIE: "It sounds like you just served up a hot glass of dike water." BULLDYKE: "Busted... again." Bulldyke laughs, snorts, burps, then farts.
by Terio Marin June 10, 2016
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