Someone who is close-minded and against change.
Andrew's such a fucking diehard; he still thinks weed should be illegal.
by luckylucy07 October 24, 2011
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A CS movie made by Sozou for a bunch of horrible hacker kids that are now all horrible cs-failures, they blatantly hack/hacked in the movie GG
Montrey: pulls off another bs headshot on nuke
Me: WTF yeah right I see right through u montrey my boy.
Montrey: 0-12 on lan at CPL
Me: haha i knew it.. OWNED
by the ill nasty March 19, 2005
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A person braving the elements with as little clothing or as much clothing as possible.
how the fuck can you wear a fucking T-shirt when i can spit and it frezes before it hits the ground. You my friend are fucking die-hard.
by zachizzo January 29, 2005
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It is when you want to have sex with a grandma but she fucking forgets how to do it. This will result in her thinking "sex" is hugging your dick.
Jared: I had to die hard with my fucking grandma
Fred: Mt grandma once squeezed my dick so hard that it exploded into little shitty flakes of cum
by coconut gun December 12, 2019
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Being "Die Hard" is when someone showcases an extreme loyalty/admiration to someone or thing. People who are "Die Hard" will wait days in line before something's released and typically don't care about their actions as long as they are supporting who/what they love. "Die Hard" fans can sometimes gain a superiority complex after a certain amount of time spent looking up to someone/thing and they tend to accuse people for being "fake" or not a "real fan" if they haven't enjoyed the person/thing they have for as long.
That guy's been here since they announced it! He must be die hard!
I'm a die hard fan! I love your work so much!
via giphy
by EyeLikeBud May 29, 2020
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