Someone who is a dick, and is very rude. They also have a stupid manor to them
"Aw man, James is such a dickwad!"
by bexxterz June 11, 2014
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The most annoying person you will ever meet. They are the ones to screw up things that you are doing and don't mind if you get pissed off. They act like dicks on the outside but are big cowards on the inside.
"Dude what's up with Johnny? He's being such a dickwad"
by Kerchew March 12, 2017
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Meaning a guy who Is being an Ass, Someone who Says a lot of Curse words in a Rude Manner/
You are such a dickwad I can believe you said that
by NerdlyLove June 02, 2015
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Dickwad is used versus or about a person who is pissing one off, in fact normally a person who is patronising usually with intimidatorial power against oneself.cf it is used as a reproach against a figure's attacking superiority of gesture, referring them as a precious perpetrator, one of annoying prestige- the prestige being the cause of one's upset and reason to retaliate or put them down (see example below). The key in the word is the second sylablle 'wad', referencing wealth to the offending entity who is patronising one(etc see above).
The devil: 'You really are a small boy'
Oneself: 'Shut it dickwad'
by ben77 October 06, 2007
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A small piece of wadding attached to a dick after injury.

A derogatory term used to address one's girlfriend.
'God you're such a dickwad (gauze type bandage fixed to wounded penis)'
by Cock Spanner February 17, 2009
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