Its the name you give to a penis which has ultimate knowledge (usually a penis which has penetrated mutlitple different vaginas increasing his knowledge)
by UkuleleSavage May 08, 2018
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The posting of an urban dictionary definition for your own childish, idiotic political views.
Ha Ha, it's a Palinism, Ha Ha.

Wow, that's a dick tionary post.
by boredofyourpoliticalviews September 28, 2009
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A dicktionary is like a dictionary but instead of words it lists women that a man has slept with and includes a description of her body and performance as well as listing all of the ways she is willing to have sex. Kinda like a sophisticated black book.
If I don't slow down I'm gonna need a second notebook to continue writing my dicktionary. In the mean time I think I will look up and repeat the l section again.
by saharadryhumor January 09, 2015
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A noun that designates a self-proclaimed and public dictionary for people who find themselves funny. Mostly used for instant and private jokes between weird persons. Can be online, free and quite hilarious.
X. "Hey homie, i found such a motherfuckin' play on words while I was stone. Check that out, it's gonna be so amazing."
Y. "No no, dude, save it for the online Dicktionary, I want the whole world to laugh with us!"
by Neal79 July 27, 2010
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someone who won't share there dictionary despite the fact their friend is in need.
Jose: Sophie could i borrow your dictionary?

Sophie: NO! get your own.

Jose: Ugh, you are such a DICKtionary!
by Jose Jose Jose October 19, 2008
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