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The word "dick-whooped" means that the female has been totally enraptured and is in complete awe of her male counterpart. He, basically, has laid the dick to her so damn good that she is ready for him, any time he wants to have sex in the future. That is being "dick-whooped"! It also means that he has made her climax 100+ times in every sex encounter they had from day one!

It is a big honor to be labeled "dick-whooped" because all the other females wish it was them that particular male was having sex with! They are jealous of her while she looks at them with pity because she has nothing to be jealous of. She then humbles herself to her male counterpart ("her Poppy") as he continues his "dick-whooping" dates with her!

***See the female counterpart in the definition for pussy-whooped!
"Stephen has dick-whooped me and can anytime he wants too!"
by cheLLe1963 September 06, 2020
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When a female is so in love with her mans dick that she takes all kinds of bullshit and mistreatment. Just for the dick
Tanya is so dick whooped over Eddie
by Juicy Murray November 19, 2017
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