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The opposite of a chick magnet.

Used to refer to anything or anyone who easily attracts guys. Also used with straight guys who easily attract gay guys (My personal favorite).
"I've only been to a gay bar once"
"Oh yeah? I bet you were a real dick magnet"
by Rachel Smith June 06, 2007
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dik-magnit -noun

1. One woman's ability to use her assets and good looks to attract any male she wants without saying a word, but by dressing in very revealing clothing. (see Slut)

2. A homosexual male that has both straight and gay males extremely attracted to him.
1. Her tits and ass are hanging out so much I don't know why she wears anything, but I'd still take a piece of that any day, what a dickmagnet!

2. Look at him he's so gay but so good looking not only do the gay men want him, but the straight men do to! Such a dickmagnet!
by jamiethompsonca March 18, 2010
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A male with a disease called erectiomagnetightis that causes a male's penis to become magnetic and stick to anything and everything metal. This is especially a problem on Submarines, Trains, and will be a problem in the future when the robots take over... Perhaps John Conner will cure this disease when he comes back from the future.
Dude, you have a dick magnet...

I know man... I miss just having an erection when a hot girl walks in, now its when my grandma uses her metal sybian too...
by The first one diagnosed October 02, 2009
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Almost any mainstream media organization, more especially those fora who regularly provide a platform for disreputable politicians or talkers and either fail to challenge the claims presented or just lob softballs.
"Cheney was on Fox again last night."

"Whattaya expect? They're such a dick magnet."
by woodchuck cooperative November 02, 2009
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A woman (or gay man) who typically attract the wrong type of guy, i.e. guys who act like dicks.
Jane: Sarah, why can't I seem to find any decent guys?

Sarah: Jane, you're such a dick magnet.

Jane: What?

Sarah: You only seem to attract guys who act like complete dicks, you're a dick magnet.
by xSallyx November 07, 2008
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A female that is so incredibly physically attractive that males are drawn to her by pure sexual desire. However, the personality of the female is so caustic, so annoying or so infuriating that any want of interaction beyond pure physicality is nonexistent.
Hey Jon, who was that wicked hot chick I saw you talking to last night?

Jeez, man, she was a dick magnet. Two minutes after we stared talking I was trying to find an excuse to leave, flee the state and change my phone number so she had no chance of finding me...ever!

That bad, huh? Sorry dude.
by Justinian24 May 27, 2007
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