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when some one is using the urinal at a school, place of business or work and you push them forward and flush the toilet.
Guy 1: Yo, should i give him a dick wash?
Guy 2: I'll flush.
by Bersh June 05, 2007
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When your girl is giving you head but halfway through her gulps she tries to spit it back into your dick. The act of backwashing a drink only it's with cum and on your dick
Male: He baby want my dick?
Female: No thanks, I know Jenny gave you a dick wash yesterday.
Male: it wasn't my fault, Jenny spit it back up!
by RyomaIruma October 25, 2017
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A concept in which there's a car wash-style spinning brush but instead of a ton of spinning flaps it's a ton of spinning dicks, and instead of the car, it's someone who's sexually promiscuous. The concept is used when you've had an influx of sexual partners/potential sexual partners, or when you are going dick hunting at the bar or club.
"Oh my gosh I've been flirting with so many guys recently I feel like I'm going through the dick wash!"
"Let's go out tonight, I haven't had sex in so long , I need to go through the dick wash"
by ratchetrachelxox May 31, 2018
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when a lady cleans the cheese from around a mans helmet with the tip of her tongue.
when my girl wants to go out, I just say that I'm not ready, I need to spruce up and have a dickwash.
by greeneyebrows December 10, 2009
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