An insult. Basically a wad of broken, discarded dicks. Not only are you calling someone a dick, you are calling them a big ol' pile of dysfunctional dicks!
"The world is full of dick wads! I hate them all."
by Prophet #2 September 16, 2014
a person that steals other people's ideas for the sole purpose of trying to be cool around people that don't care about them.
Humberto: Hey I'm gonna let my hair grow out. It's totally original

Jeff: I did that last year and you called it gay so it's not.

Humberto: Technically I am.

Jeff: Technically? So that means no.

Humberto: But at least I'm gonna get ladies now

Jeff: God damnit you're such a dick wad
by Heff Garsha August 16, 2010
when someone cuts off pieces of multiple dicks and ties a rubber band on a “wad” of dick pieces
“Hey dude, I found a dick wad laying in my mom’s bedside drawer. They were still twitching and it freaked me the fuck out”
by emo mf April 10, 2022
A co-worker who sends you urban dictionary meanings on her/his day off
Do you know Catherine? She’s a dick wad
by PlEaSw April 21, 2022