The male equivalent of the female "selfie"
When a male takes multiple pictures of his penis and saves them in his phone in order to later send and wordlessly request sexual favors from a female
This version of the "selfie" is similar to it's female counterpart in the sense that the male takes a handful of pictures of the same penis but at different angles, positions, soft, hard, chubby and even in different locations (whatever is most flattering)
Do you think she'd prefer this hard dick selfie I took in my car or the one where my penis is soft but in good lighting?

But first, let me take a dick selfie.
by hkam May 12, 2014
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A dick so large, all one can do with it is take a selfie.
He dropped his pants, revealing this massive selfie dick! I couldn't take it so I just pulled out my phone...
by Twosip September 12, 2017
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