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The act of two males slapping an individual on either side of his or her face simultaneously with their penis'. The act is performed while the victim is not unexpecting, preferably while sleeping. The individual's face is "sandwiched between the two penis', hence the name "dick sandwich."
Josh: Hey, Mark
Mark: Yea Josh
Josh: Sean passed out... wanna give him a Dick Sandwich?
Mark: Hell Yea!!!
Mark and Josh: DICK SANDWICH!!!! (while performing the act)
by Sterling Forester March 24, 2008
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When ya ol' lady's been bangin' around, and you go down on her. Either side of the vagina represents the bread.
She packed up and left?


Where's she living.

With the new guy.

There's a new guy? She only left you this morning!

I know, I'd been eating the dick sandwich for the past year without realising.

With extra mayo.

by dicksandwichentryguy November 19, 2009
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An insult. To suggest someone is acting like a "dick," but, you know, worse.
Dude, stop being such a dick sandwich.
by Bonehead XL February 10, 2008
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a state of being; when you feel like the grungiest piece of shit in the world.
We hide in the wheat field for hours afterwards I felt like such a Dick-Sandwich
by Salty Noodles March 24, 2009
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