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a massive collaboration of dudes at a single party,bar,or establishment. A place where there is a ratio of guys to girls at 15:1 or worse.

Can be synonmus with "sausage fest" or "sausage party"
Why do you go to the Tav? They always have the dick picnic!

Don't ever go to parties at Katie's house.
She always has massive amounts of dudes over so her fat ass has a chance to get laid. She needs the dick picnic to have an snowball's chance in hell.
by Mike DQ April 11, 2008
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mostly to have a ready penis for sucking.
to suck on a penis.
name for a guy who has said ready hard penis.
dick picnic is taking me to see a bils game after i ..........
by groupie#1 September 25, 2006
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A great guy you may meet on the internet or a smokey bar.
A get together where there are many penises.
A get together where penises are enjoyed.
A collection of people who would generally be described by people who know them as dicks or assholes.
The girls had a great time at the dickpicnic!

Man I hate those guys over there, it's a real dickpicnic.
by Chris Moss aka dickpicnic September 27, 2006
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