A girlfriend or lover who uses great sex to keep a man around who obviously does not want to be there or to keep a man in the home when he is about to leave with friends.
I tried to leave but I'm caught in a dick noose.
That dick noose won't let me leave.
by Gavin B June 10, 2007
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adj. (Dik-nused): Syn: Whipped
A term used to describe an individual who is whipped beyond normal standards, in which the female has the male partner's penis "tied in a knot". In some case the "noose" may become tightened once a month.
Adam is dating Adriana Lima and has adequate reason to be Dick-Noosed.

Not a good thing but if it has to be done, be certain the chick is hot.
by James Waternoose July 7, 2010
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After engaging in a sexual act with a female, finding her hair wrapped around your penis. This could be multiple hairs with multiple wraps.
Bro, i tagged this chick last night and when i got in the shower i had a serious dick-noose.
by OpieTaylor November 1, 2011
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