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Someone who is such a dick that they leave dicks in their wake and are therefore responsible for more than one dick
Man, Jimmy just issued a malpractice lawsuit on me. What a dick farmer.
by sadfasdfasdf July 18, 2007
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One who goes through so much dick, it could be said that they farm dick. Thus, they are known as dick farmers. When a dick farmer goes through much more dick than expected, this is known as a bumper crop. A dick farmers crop can be reduced by such things as Crabs, Herpes, and other various STD's.
"the girl next door is such a dick farmer"
"Ben really has to stop farming soo much dick"
by Mike Giard April 25, 2007
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Dick farmer (dĭk fΓ€r'mər)
n. slang.

1. A Homosexual.
2. A person or persons who enjoy anal sex.
3. A person considered sexually promiscuous.

intr.v., dick farmΒ·ing, dick farmed.

1. To actively have sexual relations with multiple partners.
2. To associate or have sexual relations with a dick farmer.

Behind the phrase:
1. The idea being that a farmer needs fertilizer for good crops.
2. The idea being that a farmer has a large amounts of crops growing.
Joe,"Fuck you, you Dick farmer!" Jamie,"Your just pissed because i Dick farmed your friends."
by Nightburn March 24, 2008
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