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Flaming liquid shit that makes you scream with pain, clench your teeth, grab hard onto the nearest solid object so that you don't get blown away, and wonder how you're still alive when it's over.
My diarrhea is so bad that I couldn't walk for five days afterwards.
by thetwentythirdgod September 16, 2003
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After what seemed like hours of stomach cramps at school, Jason was finally able to go home and launch his lava-like diarrhea into his beautiful porcelain throne.
by thatgirldrinkinglemonade July 10, 2003
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Liquid poop that burns like Hell when it comes out of your ass.

The bad side effect of eating anything from Taco Bell or KFC.

Rhymes with RIAA.
Aw MAN!!! I shouldn't have eaten that bean burrito yesterday. My diarrhea is so bad that I stained my underwear.
by Jake February 26, 2003
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Analogous to vomit, exiting from the anus. Often accompanied by a singed asshole.
Random: Do farts have lumps?
Me: Na dude, I think you just diarrhea'd
Random: Mate, diarrhea doesn't have a verb form
Me: I'd be more worried about that shit running down my leg if I were you.
by Haydizzler April 02, 2011
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A thing that guys always do at there friends house after a night of fizzy juice and fast food. Eventhough you don't want to doit you cant help it and your friends think your jackin' off in the bathroom when you are actually squirting your insides into your good friends shitter
He constantly strained as squirt after squirt of ungodly pain diarrhea lit is buttocks aflame
by Pineapple Sadness August 15, 2008
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Extreme pooing. Uncontrolled and without warning. Can also be associated with wetness and loud noises. Can be violent or explosive.
by Rizz March 07, 2005
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