one skilled at rolling "the diamond" a marijuana cigarette rolled in an artistic fashion, as such to create a diamond shape with three joints lashed together using the gums from papes.

originated in the joint rollers handbook, published in the UK
after rolling your first diamond, you're a diamond geezer.
by protocoldroid June 17, 2004
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A bloke from Welyn aho has done every job in the world with "The Boys". Repeats stories so many times that even infinity is out of date as a large number.
by Jerry October 13, 2003
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A real, top lad. A gentlemen who will go out of his way to ensure everyone and everything around him experiences the best possible life. Common in London and other heavy-cockney areas such as Essex.
Rob is a real Diamond Geezer - he just cleared our tabs from Saturday night
by Vndct May 15, 2018
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