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GIRL-A very Buff girl who can dance really well and is extremely talented. Although she may seem quiet, she is extremely funny and is a pleasure to be around. Any guy is lucky to have her as she is beautiful, loyal and caring. But don't take her kindness as a weakness for if you mess with her feelings she will make you pay she usally has a deeper background than she shows.

BOY- Warm hearted and loyal . But can be mean when he wants to be. Loves anything to do with music.
School boy 1 - Wow whos that buff girl
School boy 2 - thats deyantae shes nice and all but don't mess with her

School girl 1 - Whos that hottie
School girl 2 - dats deyantae hes cool but nothing comes between him and his music
by dw811 December 01, 2014
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