You are rotting from the inside out because you drank too much dew. Dew could be Mountain Dew or moon shine; this matter has yet to be deciphered. More information soon after I gather undercover information.
I have dew rot.


I drank too much dew bro.
by cassieainsley February 16, 2014
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The act of pursuing a caffeinated beverage with friends, preferably post-lunch.
Hey bro, I'm feelin' kinda winded...wanna go for a dews-cruise.
by enricorome February 11, 2010
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ughh i wanna take off my dew strung so it doesnt get to wet
by lyonchang April 01, 2011
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dews….luck is a very cool person that likes eating sweets😎
dews….luck is cool and awesome
by dews….luck July 13, 2021
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A can of Diet Mountain Dew

The act of being diet makes the dew extra dirty.
I need a dirty dew.

Nothing takes the edge off like a dirty dew.

Some thin
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trying to fucc, pipe your shit, eat the ass like its happy hour at red lobster, tryna eat you out like a full course meal, want to do the intercourse, want to impregnate you, want to have babies, want to perform the sex, peeny in booty, ill be bill clinton youll be Monica lewinsky
"Madison be lookin so fine tonight that im tryna do the dew with her"
by yothatsbrett69 April 01, 2019
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