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A fart of dynamic proportions which is as loud as it is foul smelling. It toots like a trumpet from hell and the smell will curdle the guts of anyone in the vicinity of the fart gas. To create a proper devil's trumpet, one must have a crappitite for high gas producing foods mixed with pungent spices. One could possibly faint at the mere smell and will likely taste it in the air. It often gags the devil's trumpeteer.
Roy: (tooooooot)

Henry: Roy, did you hear that trumpet from hell just now?

Roy: Oh yes Henry, that was my Devil's Trumpet.

Henry: (faints, gags, and aspirates vomit)

Henry: (waking up 3 months later) I am the son of the Anti-Christ!
by Dr.FartScientist June 14, 2017
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