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Slang term for a hot middle eastern woman, usually used by US troops stationed in Iraq. Synonym: Iraqi Ten
Soldier1: Hey Tim, you see that desert fox over there? She looks like she could be pretty hot if she took off that turban thing.

Soldier2: Roger that John, I'd hit it.
by Jack.A. December 03, 2009
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Known to most people as the nickname for Erwin Rommel, Germany's most celebrated military genius. Actually, "desert fox" is synonymous for a terribly obnoxious, domineering, psycho bitch authority figure. Also, to alert cohorts that the psycho bitch is approaching the premises, one might suddently scream (or whisper, depending on the situation)"desert fox," and then bow his head and stare at the ground.
Oppressed person #1: Did you see that look on desert fox's face earlier?

Oppressed person #2: yeah, when she was reading the announcements to everyone.

Oppressed person #3: guys! desert fox!

Oppressed persons #1 and #2: shit, let's get out of here.
by phat beat May 01, 2005
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A member of the military that only talks about getting deployed to "The Desert". Usually gets deployed to a very safe area where enemy fire is hundreds of miles away.
Me: Hey, my name is Montey.

Desert Fox: Oh yeah, well I'll be deploying to the desert soon.

Me: Iraq?

Desert Fox: Nah... some safe base in Kuwait.
by abramm24 March 26, 2009
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One who pretends to have more knowledge and wisdom than is actually the case. A pseudo-Rommel, in reference to the famed Nazi general.
Desert Fox: I are smarts!

Normal person: Yeah, whatever.
by Memphis909 September 08, 2009
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