- The drought-like state of (a male) not having sex for a protracted period of time
"He's had a bad case of desert dick since he broke up with his fiancée."
by Batrastard July 20, 2003
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not getting any pussy for a very long periopd of time.
damn baby your going to develope some desert dick wile im gone!!
by Kayla Nikol April 25, 2008
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A man who has not had any sexual contact for a long time making his penis dried out and rinkly resembling a desert
man that dudes a desert dick he hasnt got pussy for years
by captain love April 1, 2009
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the way your penis feels and looks because of lack of vaginal intercousre or maturbation. dry wrinkle cracked like a desert
yo mothafucka i aint got the vagine in a minute im truly rocking the desert dick
by j-hizz May 22, 2007
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'Desert Dick' or as it sometimes referred to 'SPGS' (Sandy Penis Gulf Syndrome) or PTDDD (Post Traumatic Desert Dick Disorder) first came into origin around the 1980s during the first Gulf War Conflict. It is the gradual build up of sand around the Penis glans from extended Desert winds and Sand Storms mostly experienced by U.S. male Soldiers. While it is not a malady that female soldiers can get, they are still affected by the Desert Dick Syndrome. During coitus with a male soldier the female soldier can sometimes be overheard stating, "Oh my God, that feels like Sandpaper! Do you have Desert Dick?" At that point you can simply ignore her, deny having Desert Dick, or simply give her a firm "Camel Punch" in the back of the head.
The 'Desert Dick' should never be confused with the 'Dessert Dick' which is entirely different but oft mispelled or mistaken. The 'Dessert Dick' involves gently laying the penis on a long boat-shaped bowl, adding strawberries, banana slices, some Cool Whip, and gently topping your nuts with nuts.
Man, I'm so tired of having Desert Dick. I could try soaking my penis but I heard that there's a sandstorm on the way so why bother??
by Florida Sunshine November 9, 2009
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Desert Dick, or DDS (Desert Dick Syndrome) is a very serious illness that occurs in sexually active males. The male dick end, or knob, becomes red, dry and itchy, like the desert, somtimes the skin cracks and bleeding can occur. Its history is very unclear... The first case discovered was among the nates of the peguis first nation. Indian folklore tells of a young boy, by the name of Randy, stumbling into the forests of the Peguis first nation after huffing a large amount of gas.. He was then forced give anal sex to a big bear by the name of Terry. Randy then returned home and slept for two days without washing his penis. A terrible case of Desert Dick Syndrome (DDS) was the result. Masturbating with DDS can cause a very serious Illness called Cactus Cock.
Guy: "No baby, we cant have sex tonight"
Girl: "Why's that baby? You cant get a hard-on?"
Guy: " I havent showered since we last fucked, so now i've got the goddamned Desert Dick..."
Girl: "My god! that looks like the Sahara! Fuck!"
by Dismal Pole69 August 26, 2009
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When a bro somehow gets poison oak on his unit and uses medication such as pills or ointment to dry it out. Resulting in your penis being really dry and unrecognizable.
Ay Vince, Cook got poison oak all over his dick. man, you know he's going to have mad desert dick.
by Cranknes May 10, 2011
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