A umbrella term of any non-enby person who has ancestry of non-binary people.
"The enby-descendant person i've ever seen today is the creator of this definition." - II Paintbrush
by Ryan900USAYT April 2, 2022
A sexual technique that uses downward momentum to propel the man's genitalia into a waiting partner. The catalyst for the downward momentum is irrelevant as it is only important that the mans ankle smacker is being pulled down by gravity into the eager counterpart for the move to be deemed "Descending Dick".
Melon gave me some mad descending dick in the hammock last night woooweee.
by Melon Toucher December 29, 2016
1. To destroy, murder, execute.

2. To rape or sexually assault
If Damon crosses Elijah, then Elijah will descend upon everyone that Damon loves.
by Descend upon March 8, 2017
Dragon descendant is a creature like being mostly human or an other creature sometimes it can be a humanoid or a canine or equine they are born unique
by Tiberius William stormwind April 28, 2019
The latest insult in the your mom gay series, if used against you, will instantly destroy you and your family and curses your children and descendants. Used to counter the latest
John: your mom gay
Tim: your dad lesbian
John: your granny tranny
Tim: your grandpap a trap
John: your sister a mister
Tim: your brother a mother
John: your niece obese
Tim: your nephew undress you
John: your family tree LGBT
Tim: your ancestors were investors
John: your descendants rape defendants
Tim: *dies in the most painful and slow way possible along with his extended family and their bodies are erased from existence*
by JDGDW April 11, 2018
absolute destruction. use this and you will get clam india.
ur descendant hung from ur pendant
*unleashes a black hole bigger than ur moms inside-outer
by i main lucario in ssb4 February 22, 2021
A comeback so bad that it can erase any being from existence with a single use. It is primarily used by North Korea as their trump card (get it?).
Matt: your mom gay
Joe: your granny tranny
Matt: your ancestors incestors
Joe: 'your descendants peasants'

*Matt slowly starts dying due to external and internal damage and his soul is taken to the depths of the Underworld where Hades assigns a special punishment whereby his soul will be razed by the Three Furies for eternity.*
by Ladies Dildoman April 2, 2018