A very great Southern California punk band, which brought us really fast, melodic, hardcore skatepunk riddims, thus paving the way for a lot of '90s and 2000's punk bands like Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Sum 41 and the lot. The only difference between Descendents and current skatepunk bands is Descendents aren't sellouts!
Milo Goes to College is a great album, and so is Somery.
Cameage, M-16, Coffee Mug, I Wanna Be A Bear, I'm Not a Loser, I Don't Want to Grow Up, Everything Sucks, Clean Sheets, Shattered Milo, I'm the One, Pep Talk.
by Agent Chainsawlady October 13, 2004
Descendents...definately one of the best punk bands (or pop punk for those that demand everything be labled) ever! Catchy as hell but still fast and aggressive! If you like Buzzcocks, The Queers, NOFX, old Greenday, Bad Religion, or anything like that, Descendents are for you! Descendents subjects include: Coffee, food, maturing (or lack of) and , but of course, girls. Descendents aren't like other punk bands. Don't expect to hear simmilaraties to blink, MxPx, or Sum 41. And no, I'm not gonna go on a rant about how much those bands suck (actually I'm pretty into old blink). If you wanna hear good Descendents listen to:
I'm the One
or just pick up a copy of Somery (very good CD)
I wanna hear a good band...Descendents my friend. descendets.
by Jose Ramirez April 11, 2006
A word to describe any race that is passed down from an Immigrant to an Born Citizen in one Country.
Liberian Americans are a Descendant of Liberians that were born in the Republic of Liberia.
by Jyuzayeguuwaah Summer October 8, 2009
to wrap yourself in a blanket and smother other peoples belongings until they are yours...forever...
let play a game and descend upon grunbeck and his stuff
by Luinis Mok October 29, 2007
The movie franchise about the children of Disney's villains.
They learn that just because their parents were evil, doesn't mean they have to be.
by Sneacky_9845 June 12, 2019
An awesome punk rock band that is fuckin lit. It has some of the greatest fuckin music. No, it is not that gay ass Disney movie descendants. Disgusting.
Descendents made the all time legendary song Pervert is the 1980s.
by tbone42 October 28, 2018
(Unbiased definition)

A umbrella term for non-transgender and non-transsexual person who has ancestry of transgender and transsexual people. They have first appeared before the 21st century.
That person from the Coloradan city of Denver who invented this definition himself is Trans-Descendant
by Ryan900USAYT January 29, 2022