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a combination of the words 'derka' and 'jerking off'

when it's specifically a brown person masturbating, they are 'derking off', rather than 'jerking off'.
blawal khan was derking off until his mom caught him.

jhooti kamal was derking off his sister, halabibibakalaka... wait, what?
by derkaderkallah January 07, 2010
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One who chooses to sit out of certain mainly activities to partake in, what would be seen as the "you have no balls" option when comparing to friends.


-You didn't go hunting because you decided to watch football on Saturday and send texts to a group chat about men who tackle other men while wearing tights which seemed overly orgasmic.

-You opted out of hanging out with the guys to FaceTime your wife.

-While the guys are hanging out you are facetiming with your wife.

-You didn't go hunting because it's too windy
or raining out.

-You would rather go to an auction and buy someone else's junk with the wife than go deer hunting.

-you don't respond to a text all day because your with the wife.
You didn't go out hunting today because you were derking off.
by Hamm and cheese October 31, 2017
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