Something that is all but impossible to criticize without coming across like an elitist fuck.

Also, despite undeniable flaws, the only stable and morally acceptable form of government.
"Democracy sucks! The people are stupid! I can't believe they voted for Bush again!"
"Well, what's the alternative?"
"Elitist fuck."
by MarkusRTK November 08, 2004
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It got something to do with young men killing each other.
Man 1: Have you heard about the War in Iraq?
Man 2: Yeah, its full of Democracy!
by Ralbert M November 20, 2007
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(taken from the song "One" by Metallica)
What is Democracy?
answer-It has somthing to do with young men killing eachother.
Democracy brought our country to the horrible state of confusion and seperation as it is today
by Kyla Kontagious April 06, 2008
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1. Form of government supposedly originating in classical Athens. The term is derived from the Greek words demos (people) and kratein (rule). Even in ancient Athens the "people" excluded women and slaves.

2. Government "of the people, by the people and for the people", to quote Abraham Lincoln.

3. In the present world, whatever suits those controlling the United States military.
Sometimes, son, it's unfortunately necessary to liquidate a coupla million gooks to bring them democracy, McDonald's and all that stuff. Praise the Lord and pass the ammo.
by Fearman November 21, 2007
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Democracy: from the Greek 'demos', people and 'kratos', power:

1: A system of government in which an entire national population is totally deprived of power by a few worthless bits of paper with Xs on them.

2: Totalitarianism with some eye-candy.
Democracy, you either hate it or loath it.

In a democracy, you get to vote for everything except whether or not you want to live in a democracy.

Moderator: "I'm not accepting the use of the word $%*ยฃ$*** on FreeSpeech4Awl. Don't argue, it's not a democracy!"
by Patrick_not_a_username June 13, 2006
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A type of goverment where private property can be owned, tons of rights are given to the people, and the people pick the leader of the country. So it relies on the country's population being smart. And its rare to find a smart human
America, canada, and modern-day japan are examples of democracy countries.
by MrMrMemeyGuy September 07, 2017
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