there are some idiotic bastard on here, deja vu occurs when the human brain uses exactly the same thought pattern twice, this often sparks the belief that u have done the momentary action before. also, when i get deja vu it makes me feel ill like nausea, its a type of epilepsy which can cause black outs.
Tom: oh oh, deja vu...

Dave: wtf?

'tom passes out'
by tom hubbard November 16, 2005
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Deja vu is life lag - when you see something, but because of high ping you see it twice
Guy 1: Whoa...I have strange feeling this happened before...can't remember when
Guy 2: You just had deja vu. It's an repeated experience of something you did before
Guy 1: So,you can consider going to bathroom as deja vu?
by Anchica December 19, 2008
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A one of a kind girl. She is the only girl on this Earth and she is amazing, sweet, beautiful, and downright perfect. If you find Deja-vu, keep her. She's perfect.
Have you seen Deja-vu?

Of course! She's the only one!
by Schlehb June 22, 2013
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a momentary infinitesimal lag in the operation of two co-active sensory nerve centers that commonly function simultaneously
Girl: omg, ive just had deja vu
Boy: when, when we just kissed?
Girl: yeah !
Boy: but that's never happened before
Girl: it must've ! you were wearing a Nirvana shirt and your hair was greased!
Boy: that's my brother......
by xx~drowning.in.my.tears~xx March 16, 2005
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When an experience happens, you might feel like you've gone through that experience in the past even though you haven't.
I'm a having a déjà vu, man. I could've sworn I saw this bowling alley before!
by jbs1222 August 11, 2015
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