As in Deja-vu, you get memories from a certain turd.
I'm sure I've done this before.
by Chris Pye March 8, 2005
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1.) Getting up from the toilet seat after expunging a number 2 from your biological records and looking in the toilet bowl to behold what is seemingly the same load you dumped off some time ago in the past, yet can't quite remember exactly when. Color, texture, and all dimensions seem to be the exact same. Even the light, room ambiance, and temperature are all eerily familiar.

Not to be confused with the "Green apple quick steps", or the "Backyard trots". These are both synonyms for diarrhea. And it does not take a mystique to correlate enough facts to surmise that when undergoing this painful and dehydrating experience, the results of one's bowel movements are typically consistent in all areas.

Deja-Poo applies strictly and solely to the solid stuff.
Dude #1: I don't know what is going on, but I could swear that load I just dropped off was the same exact one I pinched 3 weeks ago last Sunday. Or wwas it 2 months ago last Friday? Everything was the same man, this shit is crazy...

Dude #2: It's called Deja-Poo bro. I experience it at least once quarterly. So don't feel special or anything.
by The Big Fuzz April 22, 2010
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The experience of thinking you have had the same poop, on a previous occasion.
Dave: So after eating all that Jeff's Pizza for two days in a row, I totally experienced Deja Poo
Dan: That sucks
Dave: Could have been worse, I at least had an initial clean wipe.
by Dave Kaminski, Dan Flores December 3, 2008
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The feeling you have heard this bullshit before.
So Jake was telling a story when I had a deja poo&walked away immediately.
by gogokitty760 July 27, 2020
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That strange feeling that you've been through the same, horrible shit before.
by boggler July 14, 2019
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When you take a dump and it feels the same, looks the same, smells the same.
Deja Poo motherfucker, Deja Poo.
by dickdragondog November 22, 2010
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When you are so drunk that you're very well into a blackout state and you make it home to take a massive poop on the toilet. The poop drains so much energy out of you that you pass out on the toilet before flushing. When you wake up in the morning you see the poop, but can't actually remember ever taking one and are still able to recognize it as your own.
Bro 1: "What happened to you last night? You were so hammered."

Bro 2: "I have no idea! All I know is that I woke up to a deja poo this morning that smelled terrible!"
by Dasterdly Drunk June 21, 2012
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