In most cases, a single, lonely person desperately seeking attention and "internet reassurance." These people are so close to the bottem of the barrel of self esteem, that truely, writing unoriginal and hardly creative definitions for words or phrases - or making new words to define - helps them cope with their daily routine of social awkwardness and unacceptance.
Social outcast John, contemplating a mass homicide at his nearby school while disillusioned with his daily buffet of video games and internet surfing, stumbled upon Urban Dictionary, and was reassured that his life had new found meaning, as he now had perhaps a chance to fit in with other rejects across the world! Maybe, just maybe, John had a chance to become an Urban Dictionary Word Definer, and perhaps even get the coveted Word of the Day honor!!
by I'mAboveYou July 01, 2009
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Me:make a new word
Urban Dictionary:should include the word being defined
Me:how to fix?
by baoquan022 November 15, 2021
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A definition that's extremely ironic because it not only is defining what urban dictionary is, but usually doing so in a fucked up fashion. But those are usually the good ones.

Most definitions for urban dictionary in urban dictionary define this platform as a "great idea but overrun by losers who constantly complain about their own personal problems or political issues"

The people who make these definitions fail to realize that they too are just complaining about something they have a Problem with.
Person 1: oh hey man! You been on urban dictionary?
Person 2: no, I'm not a loser.
Person 1: oh, yeah that's right.
Person 1 well anyways, don't you just hate when people use this platform to vent about things that bother them? It's SOOOOOOO annoying.
Person 2: oh Jesus. Don't be one of those people who define urban dictionary
by A large metal plate October 01, 2017
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should include the word being defined
should include the word being defined
by November 12, 2020
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