I have no idea what to wear
Well maybe just wear black, it’s December 5th
That means it’s national wear black day
by JamieGorl27 November 13, 2019
only the best day EVER!! all the best most creative and beautiful people were born on this day, including walt disney who literally shaped our whole childhood. people who are born on this day are sagittarius and are so adventurous, hot, have the best sense of humor and personality, and overall the cutest most lovable people you could ever meet. everyone wishes they were born on december 5th and those who are should flex it because it’s the best day ever and they are obviously such amazing and perfect people. they are caring and very special, if you know someone born on december 5 you should cherish them because they are one of a kind and you will never meet anyone as amazing as they are.

(please note that they also might be coffee addicts)
person 1: damn she’s so gorgeous and has the best personality, she’s basically perfect

person 2: ofc she is man she was born on december 5th
by hehe♡ September 7, 2020
national give a piggyback day:

if you can, you have to give one of your friends a piggyback ride.
Danny: Hey, get on my back.
Sam: Why?
Danny: It's december 5th.
by xenoverse9 November 30, 2020
December 5th is national wear all black day.
Person 1, “Why is everyone wearing all black today?”

Person 2, “Because it’s December 5th you silly!”
by Rylie Baycon November 13, 2019
December 5th is the only day of the year where men with big dicks get born. It is also the day of the penis.
Oh my have you seen his cock? He must be born on December 5th
by azurtt October 16, 2019
National give a hug day!!!☺️
Girl: gives hug to best friend
Best friend:why did you do that for??
Girl: it’s December 5th!!
by Youarebeutiful..!!! December 5, 2019
December 5th is wear black day everyone in your school better be wearing black or they gonna get slapped
Oh hey you aren’t wearing black it’s December 5th time for u to get slapped
by Youate2manyapples November 14, 2019